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Providing professional bloggers, influencers & content creators from Africa to travel brands and destinations

Blogger Outreach Services

We can connect you with the right match of blogger/influencer for your style of product, niche or destination.

Campaigns & Events

We can help you spread your message further with a full campaign or event specially designed for you to deliver the results you need.

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Training & Consulting

We can train you and your team to understand the marketing potential of working with bloggers/influencers and help you with an ongoing  marketing strategy.

About African Bloggers Network

Africa’s 1st Professional Blogger Network

The African Bloggers Network was founded in 2014 as Africa’s first professional blogger network to offer influencer marketing campaigns in travel & tourism. Our core values are based around providing Professional, Effective & Creative Content Marketing services to local and international brands and destinations.

Africa Travel Network

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If you would like to try influencer marketing and work with bloggers & content creators to help promote your brand or destination.